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KASPIT GmbH - Terms and Conditions:
The "General Terms and Conditions" are an integral part of orders in all service areas and apply unless otherwise agreed. Should individual provisions of the Terms and Conditions be ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Rights and obligations of KASPIT Security GmbH

  1. KASPIT Security GmbH is obliged to perform the service within the framework of the regulations applicable to the security industry. KASPIT Security GmbH is liable for the proper execution of an order, however, liability for a certain success is excluded, especially as results, such as observations or investigations, can neither be anticipated nor guaranteed. Use of personnel, vehicle and material expenses as well as the type of execution of the order is solely in the professional discretion of KASPIT Security GmbH.

  2. KASPIT Security GmbH is entitled to have the order or parts thereof carried out by cooperation partners.

  3. KASPIT Security GmbH and cooperation partners undertake to keep confidential all matters arising in connection with their work for the client. Only the client himself can release KASPIT Security GmbH or cooperation partners from this secrecy obligation. Reports, reports and other written statements about the results of the activity may be given to third parties only with the consent of the client. Confidentiality also applies to the time after completion of the order, except in cases where there is a legal obligation to provide information.

  4. KASPIT GmbH is authorized to process personal data entrusted to it within the scope of the purpose of the order or to have it processed by third parties. KASPIT Security GmbH guarantees data protection in accordance with the provisions of the DSGVO.

Rights and obligations of the client

  1. When fulfilling the order at its direct place of business, the client ensures that the organizational framework conditions allow as undisturbed as possible, speedy work to progress, even without special request submitted all the necessary documents for the fulfillment of the contract in a timely manner and announces events, information and circumstances which are important for the execution of the order. This also applies to all documents, procedures, information and circumstances that become known after the work has already commenced. Furthermore, the client must comply with any information requirements provided by law.

  2. The client may use created offers, reports, analyzes, reports and the like only for the purpose of the contract. In particular, the transfer to third parties requires the written consent of KASPIT Security GmbH.

Free Agreement

  1. KASPIT Security GmbH is entitled to payment of a fee by the client for the fulfillment of the order. Unless a lump-sum fee has been agreed, billing takes place in accordance with the tariff list of personnel and material expenses incurred in connection with the contract, in particular: file study, meetings, preparation, travel times, investigations and observations including their preparatory measures (environmental study), technical assignments , Maintenance, reporting, evaluation of video, photo and audio documentation, the operation of technical equipment, communication costs abroad, travel and accommodation costs and other expenses of all kinds.

  2. If, after placing the order, the execution of the order or parts of the order is canceled by the client, the agreed fee is nevertheless to be paid in full, unless cancellation fees have been agreed in writing or KASPIT Security GmbH expressly waives a fee. Unless otherwise agreed, the client must also make ongoing payments on account.

  3. KASPIT Security GmbH can make the completion of a service dependent on the full satisfaction of its fee claims. A complaint of the achievements of KASPIT Security GmbH does not entitle to the withholding of due fees.

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